EBCO 20Pcs Plastic Black Stand Bases 32mm – Sturdy Display for 6-inch Action Figures


Enhance your action figure collection with these 20 durable plastic black stand bases from EBCO. Designed specifically for 6-inch action figures like Marvel Legends, DC characters, GI Joe, and Motu toys.

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Level up your action figure display game with the EBCO 20Pcs Plastic Black Stand Bases.

Made from high-quality plastic, these stands provide a sturdy and stylish platform for showcasing your 6-inch action figures.

Whether you collect Marvel Legends, DC superheroes, GI Joe, or Motu toys, these bases are compatible with most popular action figure brands.Featuring a sleek black design, these stands effortlessly blend into any display setup, allowing your action figures to take the spotlight.

Each base measures 32mm in diameter, providing a stable foundation for your figures while maintaining a compact footprint.Not only do these stands keep your action figures upright, but they also add an extra layer of professionalism to your collection.

Whether you’re a passionate collector or a seller looking to enhance your product presentation, these stands are a must-have.Package includes 20 black stand bases, ensuring you have plenty to accommodate your growing collection.

Upgrade your action figure display and give your favorite heroes and villains the attention they deserve with the EBCO 20Pcs Plastic Black Stand Bases.

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