Is Brickowl Better than BrickLink? A Comprehensive Comparison

Are you a LEGO enthusiast looking for the best online marketplace to buy and sell LEGO bricks? If so, you’ve probably come across two popular platforms: Brickowl and BrickLink. In this article, we will compare the two platforms and help you decide which one is better suited for your needs.

Brickowl and BrickLink are both online marketplaces that connect LEGO buyers and sellers. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Brickowl offers a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of LEGO bricks, sets, and minifigures. It also provides a built-in inventory management system for sellers, making it easier to keep track of your LEGO collection. On the other hand, BrickLink has a larger user base and a more established reputation in the LEGO community. It offers a vast inventory of LEGO products, including rare and hard-to-find items.

When it comes to pricing, Brickowl tends to have lower prices compared to BrickLink. This is because Brickowl allows sellers to set their own prices, while BrickLink uses a marketplace-driven pricing system. However, it’s worth noting that the prices on both platforms can vary depending on the seller.

Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Brickowl and BrickLink:

1. Is Brickowl safer than BrickLink?

Both platforms have measures in place to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers. However, BrickLink has a more robust feedback system and a stricter verification process for sellers, which may give some users more confidence in the platform.

2. Which platform has better customer support?

Brickowl has a dedicated customer support team that is known for their quick response times and helpful assistance. BrickLink also offers customer support, but some users have reported longer response times.

3. Can I find rare LEGO sets on Brickowl?

While Brickowl does have a wide selection of LEGO products, including rare sets, BrickLink is known for its extensive inventory of hard-to-find items. If you’re specifically looking for rare LEGO sets, BrickLink may be the better option.

4. Which platform is easier to use?

Both platforms have user-friendly interfaces, but Brickowl is often praised for its simplicity and intuitive design. BrickLink, on the other hand, has more advanced features and customization options, which may be appealing to experienced LEGO collectors.

5. Can I sell custom LEGO creations on BrickLink?

Yes, BrickLink allows sellers to list and sell custom LEGO creations, as long as they comply with the platform’s guidelines.

In conclusion, both Brickowl and BrickLink have their own unique features and advantages. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences as a LEGO enthusiast. We recommend exploring both platforms and comparing their offerings before making a decision. Happy LEGO shopping!


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