Get Chills with McFarlane Toys Mr. Freeze Action Figure!


Bring the cold-blooded villain Mr. Freeze to life with this highly
detailed 7-inch action figure from McFarlane Toys. Comes with a bonus
Batman comic, perfect for fans and collectors!

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Get ready to feel the chills with the McFarlane Toys Mr. Freeze action
figure. Standing at 7 inches tall, this highly detailed figure captures
the essence of the cold-blooded villain, from his icy blue suit to his
chilling expression. The figure also comes with a bonus Batman comic,
making it the perfect addition to any fan’s or collector’s collection.
Whether you’re looking to recreate epic battles or display your love for
the iconic DC Comics characters, this action figure is a must-have.
Order now and experience the frozen tundra of Gotham City!